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Yacht charter Croatia

For those who know how to enjoy life to the fullest. We have a wide range of luxury yachts and vessels for daily, weekly, monthly rentals. Most of the vessels come with the crew but can also come without if that is what clients wish for. The yacht can be from 2 cabins up to mega yachts with 8 or more cabins.



Sail boat charters Croatia

Sailing around Croatia with a private skipper is one of the best and most common ways to explore Croatian sea coast. Croatia has over 1200 islands to explore which makes it a perfect sailing destination. Via Tours Croatia has great relationships with boat owners and charters to offer best rates and high-quality vessels. 

Usually, the charter has round trip policy or one-way charge will apply. Also, the start of the sailing is always on Saturday and must end on Saturday as well. We offer vessels with or without skipper. If picked without a skipper the clients must show a valid license to prove the eligibility to rent the boat.

Sail boats vary in type and size and can be with 2 cabins up to 6 cabins. We offer regular sail boats but also catamarans which offer more space and bigger commodity. 


Charter Gulets Croatia

Perfect for cruising around the Adriatic coast if you have a group. The gulets that we offer have from 6 up to 17 cabins and all come with the full crew. You can pick between half board or full board, depending on your schedule and wishes. One way cruises are also possible to organize.

Please get in touch to plan your group itinerary and to pick the right gulet for your group and budget.