Why Croatia?

If you are thinking about visiting Croatia please stop thinking and do it, we guarantee you will not be sorry because it is well worth the buck. Croatia is becoming one of the top destinations among all the travellers due to the charm of the old world on the one side and extravagant glamour on the other. You can visit ancient architectures in the morning but attend extraordinary events, festivals, or parties at night. Because of the diversity and beauty that Croatia has to offer it is definitely a must-see vacation spot for everyone. Here we highlighted 6 reasons why you should visit Croatia:


1. Stunning nature

Did you know that Croatia is by its size no bigger than Ohio? But on the other side the beautiful nature is much reacher than many other bigger countries. Croatia has 8 national parks and 11 nature parks but also 1244 island which makes it a perfect destination for island hopping. It is also one of the ecologically best-preserved places in Europe. 

2. Culture and historical site 

Croatia has very rich culture and history. That being said it has 7 protected UNESCO world heritage sites and many on the tentative list. Because of the position Croatia represents a mix of 4 different cultural spheres. It was influenced by Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, also Mitteleuropa and the Mediterranean culture. It has a lot of ancient monuments that can be seen but also a lot of cultural habits were kept until the modern times.


3. Events

There is just so many events that it is almost impossible to miss one while you are visiting Croatia. You have a chance to pick from cultural events, music festivals, sports events, and/or food festivals. Many of the world-known magazines and writers named Croatia to be one of the most interesting countries to visit according to the number of events it has per year. It is also a home of Ultra Europe festival (the biggest electronic music festival in the world) and many other festival all together having over 90 festivals during the summer which makes it a perfect destination for people that want to have fun.  

4. Food & Wine

Croatia is very specific because every region has many different specialties.  The Croatian cuisine is known to be anything between proto-Slavic to ancient. If we could compare the continental and central Croatia it is just so different in the manner of the selection of ingredients and preparation methods that the food is obviously totally opposite. In central and continental Croatia meat products, freshwater fish, and vegetables dominate while on the sea side we can see the domination of seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

As originally Croatian products, we would like to point out the home made honey (mostly from Central Croatia) that is one of the best in the world. The second product that Croatia is well known for is olive oil and the third one, is of course, mellow wine.

5. Beaches

When it comes to Croatia, it is good to know that everyone can find the beach he or she prefers. There is a family pebble or gentle rock beaches which are available at almost every tourist destination on the coast. Also, there are theme beaches like party beach on island Pag that is very often compared to famous Ibiza in Spain, also the naturist beaches such as Koversada and Valalta in Istria. Of course, there are sandy beaches as well like the one on the island of Susak called Saharun and many more. It is very good to know that majority beaches in Croatia do have a blue ecological flag which means that the water is very clean and safe to swim.  Just to compare, there is 94% of all the sea area in Croatia that is perfectly clean while Italy has only 25% clean areas. 

6. Perfect nautical destination

An unspeakable peace, the joy of solitude and freedom, and that awareness of infinity is the best motive and reward for every individual that likes nautics.  Those who are familiar with the beauty of Croatia's coastline and sea know what we are trying to say here. That magical number and the secret is hidden under the number of 1244. Why? There are 1244 islands and islets that make Croatia side of Adriatic so special and perfect as a nautic destination. 

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